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Parking Information

The Car Park
The Shangri-La hotel has provided a special offer for Karstens visitors at their car park. Address: 176 Cumberland St, The Rocks The car park is located just behind Karstens’ venue at 111 Harrington St, The Rocks. Less than a 3 min walk away with valet parking service via Oscar.
Parking Rates
Valet parking available for just $6.85 per hour or $41.10 per day. Available weekdays only. Prices are at least 20% cheaper than other rates in the area. Apply promo code ‘KSTNS’ on your booking to get 10% off your first booking.
How it works
1. Secure your booking via Share with Oscar here. 2. Arrive and show the hotel staff your Oscar booking. Once your booking has been validated, the valet will provide you with a ticket and park your car for you. 3. Upon leaving, provide your ticket to the valet and they will bring your car to you. Book now