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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking for parking

Why do I need to provide my vehicle details?

There are two main reasons we require your vehicle details.

Firstly, by adding your vehicle details, we automatically filter and recommend parking spaces that are suitable. For instance, if you have a larger vehicle such as a 4WD, you may require a large spot.

Secondly, we also ask for your details so we can provide Hosts with peace of mind that the right user has parked in their driveway or garage.

Add your vehicle’s details by clicking on your profile > ‘Vehicle Details’ > ‘Add A Vehicle‘. If you have more than one vehicle, add your additional vehicles as well and set the one your use most frequently as your default vehicle.

What is the difference between the payment options?

Once you have added your credit or debit card details, you can choose either the ‘Pay As You Go’ or ‘Automatic Top Up’.

If you select to the ‘Pay As You Go’, you will incur a 50 cent transaction fee if the transaction is below $25. Meanwhile, the ‘Automatic Top Up’ option does not come with any transaction fees and will automatically top up your account when your balance falls below $10.

What if I book a spot for less than an hour?

You can book a spot for as little as 15 minutes on the app.

For bookings less than an hour, you will be charged the cost of the hour. However, you’re also able to extend your booking for free up to the hour. For example, if you book for 15 minutes and decide you need some more time, you can extend your time up to 45 minutes for free, provided the spot hasn’t already been booked by someone else.

How long can I book parking for?

You can book parking for as little as 15 minutes, for several days or even on a monthly basis.

Can I get a refund for my booking?

Yes – if it complies with our Cancellation Policy, we can provide a refund. All refunds are made in the form of Oscar credits back to your Oscar account that can be used towards future bookings. Transaction fees ($0.50 for transactions below $25) are non-refundable. Please check our Cancellation Policy for further information.

What happens if I overstay my booking?

We understand that sometimes you can’t help but run late – however if you think you are going to be late to move your car, it is important you try and extend your booking in advance. This is important because another driver may have booked the spot and be waiting to park, or the host may be planning on returning home. 

If you overstay your booking without extending your time and another driver or host wishes to park in the spot, the driver or host may ‘Report an Incident‘ and you may be charged a flat overstay fee of $20 per 30 min overstayed. 

There are of course, exceptions to this overstay fee, so please contact us at contact@sharewithoscar.com to appeal the overstay fee.

Can I cancel my booking if my plans change?

For casual bookings, just go to ‘My Bookings‘ > select the booking > ‘Edit Booking’ > ‘Cancel Booking‘. Please note, if you cancel less than 2 hours from the start of the booking, you will incur a cancellation fee. 

For monthly bookings, 1 month notice is required for all cancellations. 

For further information, check out our Cancellation Policy.

What’s the difference between an instant booking and one that requires pre-approval?

Some monthly parking spaces may be instantly available for booking whilst others may require pre-approval from the Owner. If you put through a booking request for a spot that requires owner approval, the owner will have 48 hours to accept your booking request. Once accepted, you will be charged for the first month of booking. For instant bookings, you will be charged for the first month of booking once the booking is made.

What if someone is parked in the spot I have booked?

If this has happened, we are sorry you had to experience this. 

In this situation, please take a photo of license plate of the car parked in the space and send the photo to contact@sharewithoscar.com along with your booking details. Our team will look into the matter. If you have booked a casual spot, please feel free to book another spot on our platform in the meantime.

What if there aren’t any parking spots available at my destination?

We’re working hard to get as many parking spots as possible for our users.

If there is a particular location where you’d like to find parking, please send us an email (contact@sharewithoscar.com)

I received my Securepark pincode after parking, what should I do?

If you have already parked by taking a ticket at the carpark entrance, simply input your pincode on the entrance terminal before leaving. Then, on exit, input the same pincode on the exit screen to leave the carpark.

Once you have successfully exited the carpark you may discard the original ticket. If you encounter any issues, please use the boomgate intercom for on-site assistance.

I haven’t received my Securepark pincode yet, what should I do?

If you haven’t received a pincode yet and need to enter the carpark, please simply take a ticket at the entrance boomgate and proceed. We will endeavor to send you a pincode as soon as possible with updated instructions.

If you need to exit the carpark and still have not received a pincode from our team, we will promptly refund the amount paid for the parking ticket if you followed the entrance and exit times indicated on your Oscar booking. Simply send us a screenshot of the receipt with your bank details for a prompt refund.

I rent out my car space

How can I list my availability in advance?

For our hosts that are listed their spot already – thank you for listing with Oscar!

Once you sign into your account, go to ‘Calendar’ > select your Calendar > ‘Edit Availabilities’ > ‘Add Another Availability’ and select the type of availability you’d like to add. This function will be particularly helpful if you are planning on going away or know what your plans are for the week(s) ahead. 

What if a driver overstays their booking?

If someone has overstayed their booking, we ask you go into your ‘Calendar‘, ‘Bookings‘, select the last booking and ‘Lodge an Incident‘. The Oscar team will then assess the situation. You could receive $10 compensation for every hour the booking has been exceeded. 

In the background, Oscar is working on a technology solution that will help better track check ins and check outs. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback please contact the Oscar team on contact@sharewithoscar.com or (02) 8206 9341.

Does listing my spot signal to drivers that I’m not at home?

No – listing your spot does not mean you are not home. Many of our spot owners don’t own a car at all so their spot is always available and listed.

We have also designed the app to be safe for hosts to list their spot. For instance, your address is not publicly displayed on the app and drivers will not know your address until they have actually booked the spot. Oscar also has mechanisms in place to ensure each and every user is appropriately verified.

Do I accept who can park in my spot?

All users of the app have been verified and therefore bookings are pre-authorised and accepted automatically. This is to ensure we can maximise your earnings and also provide a good experience for all our users.

For monthly bookings, you can opt to ‘pre-approve’ a booking instead of instantly accepting it. This means, you will have 48 hours to accept or decline a booking request before it expires.

How do I get paid?

Oscar takes care of the hassle of managing payments and will facilitate the transactions for you. You can see your earnings by going to your ‘Wallet’.

Oscar will payout your earnings on the 15th of every month. The time it takes for you to receive the earnings may depend on which bank you are with. Oscar takes 20% of the transaction to cover the running costs of the app.

How much can I list my spot for?

If you would like a recommendation on how to optimise the pricing of your parking spot, please send us an email at contact@sharewithoscar.com.

From time to time, the team at Oscar may also contact you with suggestions on how to improve your price. 

How does pricing work?

If your space is available for casual booking, the maximum daily price is capped at 7 times the hourly rate. For example, if a space is listed at $2 per hour, a driver can only pay a maximum of $14 per day. If a driver books this space for 3 days, they would pay $42.

This is because we’ve modelled pricing after local car parks or parking rates to ensure your location receives bookings. If you would like to set a flat daily rate, add an overnight surcharge or limit how many days in a row your space can be booked; please let us know. 

How much does it cost to get started?

It costs nothing to create your listing on Oscar. So really… what are you waiting for?

Is there a minimum time I can list my spot for?

You can list for as little as 1 hour when you’re heading out to get groceries or go for a coffee. Oscar is all about flexibility and we know that finding parking even for an hour can be a pain. Drivers are willing to pay to get to their destination on time so list your spot for as little as an hour or a day if you’re not using it.

Who can list their parking spot on Oscar?

Anyone who has a spot can! Whether you have a garage, car port, driveway, allocated parking in your apartment block, or even a front lawn, you can earn with Oscar.

It doesn’t matter if it’s available for only a few hours at a time, or all week, Oscar can connect you to someone who’s looking for parking.

We ask that your spot is easy to access by a driver, safe and does not interfere with footpaths

Will I know who parks in my space?

All of the members of our community are verified. Further, when you receive a booking, you will be able to see the driver’s name, vehicle license plate and also be able to contact them if you need to.

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