Share your parking space with our healthcare workers

If you live within walking distance of a hospital, and have a vacant parking space,
a driveway, a garage, carport, or even your front lawn,
please make it available for our healthcare providers to park during these challenging times. Let’s band together as a community and support our healthcare workers.

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coronavirus appeal
coronavirus appeal
coronavirus appeal
coronavirus appeal
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List your parking space

It can be a driveway, a garage, a front lawn, anywhere that a vehicle can park. It takes just 2 min
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A member of our team will call to verify your listing and then set your space as available for free
dedicated parking

Receive bookings

Healthcare workers will be able to reserve your space through the Oscar app. You will receive notifications when a booking is made

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Fill out your details below and a member of our friendly team will be in touch. It’s completely free to get started!


    Why is Oscar doing this?
    With the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe and Australia, our medical staff and hospitals are strained. We’ve heard from the medical community that with the increased staff and patients at hospitals, some healthcare workers are unable to find parking or parking fees. During such times, parking should be the very least of their problems. We want to do our part to support our healthcare workers, by appealing to our community to share their parking space around hospitals and healthcare facilities for free, and ease the stress for healthcare staff wherever we can. In times of such uncertainty, all we can do it offer our platform and service to those who need it most during this time.
    Do I need to be at home when the driver arrives and parks?
    Nope. You don’t need to be at home when the driver arrives. Drivers will book through the app, and will get navigated to your parking space using the instructions and photos that you provide. You will receive a notification when someone has booked your parking space.
    Can I rent out my space if it requires a fob key or pass?
    Yes! You can absolutely still rent out your parking space if it requires a fob or key. We just need to make sure your listing is set up correctly so that there are no issues for the driver accessing your space. Sometimes, this might mean that your parking space is available to just one person or you can choose to leave the fob in a safe place.
    Once I’ve listed my parking space, how long will it take to appear?
    Your listing will be reviewed and quality checked by our team before it becomes live. You will be notified if there are any changes required first. We expect your space to be live within 48 hours.
    I own/work for a business that would like to get involved, can we?
    Yes! If you have spaces near a hospital, whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or work for a company that would like to get involved, please register as a space owner through the link above.
    Do I have to list my space for free? Or can I apply an hourly rate?
    No. While we urge all space owners near hospitals to think about the larger community, this campaign is completely voluntary. You may list for a fee if you wish to.
    I’m an existing space owner with Oscar, will my price change?
    No, you won’t see any change to your pricing, and we will not be amending your listing. However, we do urge space owners near hospitals to consider if you will offer your parking space free to healthcare workers and patients during this campaign.
    Will Share with Oscar make any money from this campaign?
    No, we will not be charging any drivers or space owners for participating in this campaign. There aren’t any hidden fees or costs either. We believe that at such difficult and uncertain times, we need to band together as a community and support one another however we can.
    Could somebody that is not in healthcare park in my space?
    We will be adding in the description that only Healthcare staff and patients are allowed to park in your space. We will be monitoring this closely as everyone who uses Oscar is a registered member, and will be penalised if they are caught misusing the platform in such times of need. If you believe someone has misused your parking space, please report this, and we will investigate and penalise the driver with a fine.
    I only want to help during the campaign, can I remove my listing after?
    Yes. You are able to remove your space from the platform at any time. You can edit your listing at any time.
    Click here to see more FAQs.

    About Share with Oscar

    We are an Aussie startup founded in 2017 by two female entrepreneurs, Lisa and Louise, who are passionate about smarter, and more sustainable solutions to our growing urban cities. We built Oscar to solve the parking woes in cities around the world by sharing a simple parking space. Today Share with Oscar has thousands of residents and businesses sharing their private parking spaces with their community. In unprecedented times like these, we all need to do our part for the greater good of the community and take care of one another. So we’re asking our community to please help our healthcare workers (nurses, doctors, admin, support staff)
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