How to get the most out of O-week

Getting Ready Guide For Uni Students

Whether you’re a fresh-faced first year or a cap and gown are in your near future, orientation week is the best way for university students to prep and prime for the coming semester. Not to mention the tons of discounts and freebies within your reach.

O is for Organisation so get on top of your O-Week by following these few steps.

1. Rock up to class early

Even students in their final year don’t know every corner of the campus. To ensure you don’t end up MIA at your first lecture, follow your class schedule during O-Week. You can use the campus map or the Lost On Campus app to help you find your way around the uni.

2. Get your textbooks in checks

“It’s only O-Week and I’m already 14 weeks behind,” says every student ever.

To prevent this, buy your textbooks early so you can pre-prepare for readings and get ahead of the class. There are many cheap options such as The Co-op, Student VIP and Jekkle. You can also look out for Facebook groups that sell discounted textbooks.

3. Find a good route and commute to uni 

Do you find yourself skipping your lecture after you missed your train? Tripview is perfect for planning out your commute via bus, train, or ferry on-the-go. If you’re intending on driving to uni, our app Share With Oscar removes the hassle of finding parking around your campus by letting you pre-book rented out spots.

4. Put your health first

Before a jam packed semester, be sure to take care of your health. Keeping fit is the best way to keep your spirits high and your mind wise. There are plenty of fitness and mental health apps like Smiling Mind, Worry Time, Spotify Running and My Fitness Pal. You do you.

5. Go out and mingle  

Meeting new people can be super awks but orientation is the best time to break barriers and feel apart of the community. You can start by volunteering, joining societies, or even going to the start of sem party. Hangs is also great app to meet up and make friends in a time that works with your uni sched. Get out there! 9 Feb 2018