Top 7 Tips for Finding Event Parking in Australia

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Embarking on the quest for finding parking during major events can often feel like a puzzle, one that’s not easy to solve. Whether it’s a high-stakes game, a concert extravaganza, or a cultural spectacle, securing the right parking spot can be a challenging mission. Fret not! In this guide, we’ll uncover six closely guarded strategies to simplify your journey and make finding event parking a breeze.

Oscar’s Top Tip #1: Arrive Early, Park Smart

This means securing a parking spot, especially in major sporting venues such as Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Accor Stadium (previously ANZ), and Melbourne Cricket Ground, has become somewhat of a hassle.

As the day of your match approaches, you’ll be contemplating the enjoyment you’ll experience with family and friends at the stadium. However, without some parking planning, you might be setting yourself up for quite the headache before you find your seats and relish the match.

Even if you do aim to discover the best parking in advance, there are few informative guides at events. Given that every stadium has its own parking system and parking alternatives—or let’s be honest, the lack thereof—it can feel like only the most ardent fans are privy to the best event parking insights.

Whether you’re observing cricket, rugby, AFL, or soccer, Share with Oscar wants to make sure that you commence the day on the right foot with a straightforward parking experience. That’s why we’ve assembled the most extensive event parking guide for fans in Sydney and Melbourne.

Oscar’s Top Tip #2: Understand Your Stadium’s Parking Options

Sydney and Melbourne boast world-class sporting venues, but finding event parking near these facilities can be a real challenge. Accor Stadium, situated in Sydney Olympic Park, offers multiple car parks within walking distance. Meanwhile, SCG parking is more limited, with options like EP2, EP3, Entertainment Quarter, and Sydney Boys and Girls High School. Melbourne and Olympic Parks, home to MCG and AAMI Park, face high demand, making public transport or alternative parking solutions advisable.

Accor Stadium:

For finding event parking at Accor Stadium, determine the most convenient entry gates based on the gate entry letter on your ticket. Gates H, J, K, L, M, N, and O are situated on the western side of the stadium and are best accessed via the P1 car park. If your ticket’s gate entries are on the eastern side, they are closer to public transit or your Share with Oscar options in Sydney Olympic Park.

Sydney Cricket Ground:

Similar to Accor Stadium, access SCG through multiple lettered entry gates. Gates A, B, C, and D are positioned on the western side of the stadium and are the most accessible gates for nearly all SCG parking options. Gates F, G, and H are closer to some Share with Oscar spaces on the east side of the stadium.

Melbourne and Olympic Parks:

In this bustling area with various activities, ensure that your parking options or public transit arrival points are in proximity to your stadium entrance.

Let’s focus on MCG event parking and entry. MCG features four gate entries—1, 2, 3, and 6A—as well as two allocated car park entries—A and E.

Entrances 1, 2, and 3 are situated on the north-western side of the stadium, most easily accessed by taxi and bus drop-off points and those arriving at Jolimont Station.

Richmond Station and the two MCG car parks will find it easier to enter through Gate 6A. Gate 1 is also fairly close to these entrance points. If your gate entry is through 1, 2, or 3, and you’re booking a parking space through Spacer, explore the available parking spaces in East Melbourne. Otherwise, narrow your search to Richmond for entry through Gate 6A.

For AAMI Park, the Eastern Car Park (Car Park F) and Share with Oscar parking spaces located in Richmond or Cremorne are ideal for those entering through Gates 1, 2, 3, or 4. Gates 5, 6, 7, and 8, on the western side, are more easily accessed by Car Park E.

Oscar’s Top Tip #3: Consider the Popularity of Your Sporting Event

Major events drawing crowds exceeding 50,000, such as AFL and NRL Finals, State of Origin, and international matches, require strategic parking choices. Avoiding proximity to the stadium during such events can save you from heavy traffic and high event parking costs.

Oscar’s Top Tip #4: Think Beyond Four Wheels Explore

Sometimes the best-kept secrets involve skipping the parking puzzle entirely. Explore alternative modes of transport such as public transit, rideshares, or even cycling to the event. Not only can this be a stress-free option, but it’s also an eco-friendly choice that might save you from the parking hustle.

Official stadium car parks can be expensive and crowded. Consider public transportation or platforms like Share with Oscar, where local residents offer secure parking spaces. This not only saves money but adds a personal touch to your event parking experience.

Oscar’s Top Tip #5: Align Your Parking with Your Entrance

To avoid navigating through crowds, ensure your parking space is on the same side as your stadium entrance. Different gates correspond to specific areas, so understanding your ticket’s gate entry letter is crucial for Accor Stadium, SCG, and MCG.

Strike up conversations with local businesses or event staff for insider tips. They might guide you to nearby parking spots that aren’t immediately obvious to the masses. A bit of friendly inquiry can lead to hidden treasures in the world of big event parking.

Oscar’s Top Tip #6: Pre-booking Is Key

Preparation is your secret weapon. Some event venues offer pre-booked parking options, allowing you to secure a spot well in advance. Explore these opportunities for peace of mind and guaranteed parking, eliminating the last-minute scramble.

Whether opting for stadium car parks, public transit, or alternatives like Share with Oscar, pre-planning is vital. Booking ahead ensures availability, cost-effectiveness, and proximity to the stadium. Share with Oscar offers advanced booking and cashless payment, guaranteeing a stress-free matchday.

Oscar’s Top Tip #7: Time Your Arrival Just Right

Understanding factors like traffic, event popularity, walking times, and security checks helps you time your arrival effectively. Preemptive planning, especially during peak sports seasons, ensures a seamless experience.

Take some of the parking spaces available near AAMI Park in Richmond. If you can book one of the spots on Cremorne St, the estimated walking time is only 10 minutes.

Similarly the parking spaces available near Allianz Stadium in Moore Park. If you can book one of the spots on or near Oxford St, the estimated walking time is as short as 8 minutes.

In conclusion, Oscar’s Top Tips for significant event parking aim to empower sports fans with knowledge and options. Whether you’re heading to SCG, Accor, or MCG, leverage these insights for a smooth and enjoyable event experience. Share with Oscar is here to help you navigate event parking seamlessly. Cheers to stress-free and convenient parking at your next match!

Happy Parking!

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