How to make money from the sharing economy in Sydney

Start sharing, start making money!

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What you should know

We all have things that sit unused, be it a spare room, a driveway, or stuff around the house. The Sharing Economy was made because of those things, both to make/save money as well as to be live a bit more sustainably.

In Sydney there are lots of sharing economy platforms you can use to make extra cash! A single article won’t fit them all, but the sharing economy money makers below are great places to start.

Share a room

Airbnb is big in the sharing economy, and lets you rent out a spare room, granny flat, or entire house to short term visitors. A survey by Finder found Australians using Airbnb made an average of $8,140 a year!

An all-Australian alternative used to exist in Stayz, but it’s now part of the HomeAway platform. While we miss Stayz, HomeAway Australia has a very large user base, so it’s a good Airbnb alternative.

A slightly different service exists in WeekDay Space. It’s a service for people looking to rent a room from Monday to Friday, to be closer to work. It’s a very particular use case, but if it fits your needs it could earn you a few hundred dollars a week.

Alternatively, you can also rent your living room, your garden or even your car for a photoshoot on Skoutli. Skoutli connects home and car owners with photographers, influencers and basically anyone who needs a location shoot. It’s an easy way to earn some quick income.

If you don’t own your home, check if subletting is allowed in your lease before you get started. You also need to check your local council’s rules around holiday rentals.

Share your driveway

Share with Oscar is the easiest way to make money from the sharing economy is to share your driveway – it’s just a slab of concrete after all! The Share with Oscar app unlocks the financial potential unused parking spaces on your property by allowing other people to park there, short or long term. After starting in Bondi, Share with Oscar has now expanded across Sydney.

You can set times availability for your spot, so you can make money from it whether it’s available all the time, or just a few hours a day. Share with Oscar can earn you up to $2,500 a year!

Share the driving

While ridesharing services like Uber and Didi have drifted from their sharing economy roots of ‘I’m driving here, need a lift?’, they are still great ways to earn money, while sharing your car and your time as a driver.

If you’re female, Shebah is another option available to you. The Australian, female-only service is growing with demand for safe ridesharing services for women.

Keep in mind – the economics of rideshare are a little complicated. On one hand, Australia’s earn more from rideshare than any other sharing economy sector – an average of $10,490 a year, according to Finder. On the other hand, the average earnings for rideshare drivers in Australia is just $16 an hour.

Share your time and skills

If you have extra time on your hands, the gig economy can help you make extra cash from your skills. Australian startup Freelancer is a marketplace for freelance workers, helping writers, designers, coders, and more find clients. Fivver is similar, but with a wider range of tasks that can be paid for.

If you feel like hitting the road, Go People is an Aussie same-day courier service that uses a peer-to-peer model for its couriers, a bit like Uber for deliveries.

Share your clothes

Rent a Dress Australia offers affordable women’s clothes hire, by connecting renters with owners across the country. Just list your dresses, tops, and other garments with the hire price. It’s great for fancy clothes you don’t wear often – you might be able to recoup the cost after a few rentals!

Sharing is caring

These aren’t the only ways to make money from the sharing economy in Sydney, but they’re a good place to start! If you have something you’re not using, odds are good there’ll be a service to help you share it.

And look, if there isn’t a service that helps you share what you have, why not start one? That’s what we did!

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