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Five easy ways of going green for Clean Up Australia Day

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What you should know

Believe it or not, our environment is in the path of mass destruction. Our planet is suffering because trash and pollution keeps increasing by the second, by us. We all saw that 2008 Disney movie Wall-E right? (and if you haven’t, the Share with Oscar team suggests you do!) The movie shows a distant future of our world, where a small waste-collecting robot goes on a space journey that more or less decides the fate of mankind. And if we’re honest, this isn’t far from what the future looks for us at the rate that we’re going. We know living green can seem quite daunting, and on top of that, expensive. But taking small baby steps to go green can make the world just that little bit better. So in light of Clean up Australia Day on March 2nd, we’ve put together 5 simple ways of going green!

5. Ditch anything disposable!

There are a lot of items that we use just once and then throw away, from the disposable coffee cups to paper towels. Disposables like these often are paired with convenience, because let’s be honest, we all like it when our lives are made easier, but at what cost? They also often come with a big price tag, for the environment and our wallets. Australia is actually one of the countries that generate the highest waste amounts. In Australia we use 3.92 billion plastic bags each year, and plastic lasts forever but Mother Earth won’t.

It’s actually really easy to start replacing disposables, here’s a list within a list of things you can do:

  • – Using wash cloth napkins and kitchen towels instead of paper towels
  • – Using reusable food containers (tupperware)
  • – Filling water bottles instead of buying and throwing away a new bottle.
  • – Using reusable shopping bags for your grocery shopping trips. Now at Coles and Woolies, we have to pay for plastic bags (that are reusable), which is a great incentive to encourage all of us to bring and reusable our own bags. Less plastic = less plastic in landfills and our oceans = less animals choking to their deaths on random bits of plastic.

Just with a little effort we can all drastically reduce, reuse, and recycle the disposable stuff to help not only Clean up Australia, but Clean up the World.

4. Replacing light bulbs

Replacing your lightbulbs, in your home with energy saving LED light bulbs are that small, extra step to save money as well as energy. Mother Earth would love if you’d invest in energy saving light bulbs because they use a lot less power, last a lot longer, save money in the long run, plus save her in the process. This small thing is a win-win in our opinion. OR you could always just turn off the light during the day and let that natural daylight come through.

3. Buy local food

Through buying your produce from the locally sourced farmers market, not only are you supporting local farmers, but it is also better for the environment since the food will have travelled a much shorter distance; less fuel = less pollution! We see no losses here!

2. Using a reusable coffee cup

We get it. You need coffee, we do too! But Australia’s obsession with coffee has actually led to an extra 7000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste from disposable cups. Latte, cappuccino, macchiato, straight black or even the classic flat white, there’s no denying the Australian’s love their on the go coffee in the morning, with the convenience of the paper disposable cup. The fact is that only 1 in 400 disposable coffee cups are recycled because their plastic lining actually makes them unrecyclable. No one said you had to give up your morning coffee, but you can choose to buy your own reusable coffee cup instead of buying one daily, and you’ll be doing your part to lessen the negative environmental impact paper cups has. It’s great, sometimes café’s even reward their customers with free or cheaper coffee if you bring your own reusable cup! And hey, take it that one step further and go for the reusable Nespresso pods!

1. Share resources

So we know that at our current rate, Mother Earth will continue to suffer, quickly. The resources here are being used at an alarming rate where the emissions we’re putting into the air are piercing a hole in our precious Earth’s heart :(. But there is one way to help create a greener, more sustainable future: turning to the sharing economy. Be a solid community and helping each other with resources for the benefit of the environment and the overall community of the world. You’ve heard all the businesses that use the sharing economy, like Ebay, Gumtree, Airbnb, Uber, Menulog, and Share with Oscar. The sharing economy just allows for fewer wasted resources. For example, Share with Oscar wants to make our cities more liveable through sharing. Here at Share with Oscar, we’re changing the way we share our assets and resources, specifically finding cheap parking in Sydney, to create greener, smarter cities – because we believe that sharing is the only solution to a more sustainable tomorrow. And it is. Shared parking reduce the number of large corporations building mass car parks. No demand for additional parking = less parking lots being made = less cement and other resources being used. The sharing economy thinks about the bigger picture here, while it’s great to start small, it’s also worthwhile to think about the long term and how the sharing economy is a great step in the direction of a greener future for everyone. Because after all, sharing is caring right?

Wanna help save our planet? Here’s some ideas from our team:

  • – Eco-friendly phone cases.
  • – Eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • – Sustainable fashion and clothing.
  • – Eco-friendly cars.
  • – Sustainable gardening or house design.

I actually think you can buy those sustainable kit homes in Australia now too! Do all the sharing you can. Do it all for the sustainability of the planet. You wouldn’t have your home with trash everywhere would you? The earth is your home too, it’s the only home we have. Help save the earth and keep it healthy.

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