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Visitor parking has long been a source of frustration for residents, owners, and building managers. The misuse of visitor parking spaces, unknown vehicles occupying bays, and visitors overstaying their welcome can create significant headaches for everyone involved. However, there’s good news on the horizon! Share with Oscar is revolutionising the way visitor parking is managed with its cutting-edge software and technology. In this blog, we will explore how Share with Oscar’s visitor parking solutions are transforming the parking landscape and benefiting residents and building managers alike.

The Woes of Visitor Parking Misuse

Visitor parking misuse is a common problem that plagues residential areas across the board. Complaints range from residents using visitor parking spaces for their convenience to visitors overstaying their welcome and non-genuine visitors taking up valuable spots. Such challenges can create issues for building managers, including the inability to track and identify offending vehicles, a lack of available parking when needed, and the absence of an efficient way to penalise offenders or remove unauthorised vehicles.

Share with Oscar: The Ultimate Parking Management Solution

Enter Share with Oscar’s visitor parking management. Through innovative software and hardware technology, Share with Oscar is changing the game with AUSTRALIA’S FIRST internet-connected smart bollard. This cutting-edge technology allows users to access the system remotely from anywhere using a smartphone or desktop browser, providing unprecedented convenience and control over visitor parking and EV charging bays. By integrating software and hardware solutions, Share with Oscar ensures safe and fair utilisation of visitor parking spaces and EV charging bays, alleviating the frustrations of residents, visitors, and building managers alike. With the ability to access the system from the palm of their hand, users can save valuable time and effort while effectively managing visitor parking issues.

Benefits for Residents and Visitors

• Quick and Simple: With Share with Oscar’s intuitive system, visitors can register their vehicles in a matter of seconds upon arrival or even reserve a parking spot in advance. This hassle-free process eliminates the need for physical permits or paperwork, making it incredibly convenient for everyone involved.

• Seamless User Experience: This new system offers visitors clear instructions, reminders, and notifications – all managed digitally. This eliminates confusion and ensures a smooth experience from start to finish.

• Fair and Equitable Use: Share with Oscar’s technology promotes fair usage of visitor parking spaces. By implementing an organised system, the software makes it easy to enforce deterrents and address any infringements promptly.

For Residents, Share with Oscar’s smart bollard presents an effortless solution to streamline the visitor parking process. Upon arrival, residents can log in via their smartphone or desktop, viewing available parking spaces in real-time. With a simple click, the bollard is lowered, allowing the guest’s vehicle to enter the designated temporary parking bay. Residents can conveniently submit visitor information through the platform, making registration quick and seamless. When it’s time for the guest to leave, the bollard automatically raises, ensuring a smooth exit process and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Management benefits greatly from sharing with Oscar’s internet-connected smart bollard as well. Real-time monitoring becomes a breeze with the intuitive dashboard that provides instant insights into parking activity. The need for physical monitoring is eliminated, saving time and resources. Moreover, the system detects and notifies management of overstays or non-compliance, enabling them to take prompt action. Identifying, contacting, and penalising offenders becomes more efficient than ever before, ensuring that parking regulations are upheld and enforced effectively. The time saved through this streamlined process enables management to focus on more critical tasks, enhancing overall operational efficiency and resident satisfaction. Share With Oscar’s integration of the smart bollard marks a significant step towards revolutionising visitor parking management, making it a true game-changer in the temporary parking industry.

Share with Oscar also offer a buildable solution, start with software for visitor parking checkin and adapt stricter controls from there. Get in touch with our team to find out more:

Q&A Time – Your questions about Visitor Parking Answered.

Q: How Long Can You Park in Visitor Parking?

A: The duration of parking in visitor parking spaces can vary depending on the rules set by the property management or owners corporation. Typically, visitor parking is intended for short-term use, such as a few hours. Longer stays might not be allowed to ensure that these spaces remain available for actual visitors. It’s crucial to check the signage or guidelines specific to your location to understand the time limits for parking in visitor spaces Remember: It is not uncommon for 24 hour limits to be placed on Visitor Parking Spots – be sure to always check the current rules within the residential community that you are using.

Q: How Many Visitor Parking Spaces are Required by Law in NSW?

A: In New South Wales (NSW), there is no specific legal requirement that mandates a certain number of visitor parking spaces for every property. However, local councils and planning authorities often have guidelines that suggest a general ratio of visitor parking spaces per residential unit. The specific requirements can vary based on factors like the type of development and its location. These guidelines are aimed at ensuring sufficient parking availability for visitors without creating an excessive burden on available space.

Q: Who Owns Visitor Parking Spaces?

A: Visitor parking spaces are typically considered common property within a strata-titled property complex. This means that no individual owner has exclusive ownership of these spaces. Instead, they are owned collectively by all the owners within the complex as part of their shared ownership of common areas. The owners corporation, which is responsible for managing the common property, has the authority to determine the rules for the use of visitor parking spaces.

Q: Can Residents Park in Visitor Parking?

A: The usage rules for visitor parking can vary based on the property’s by-laws and regulations. In some cases, residents might be allowed to park in visitor parking spaces temporarily, especially if they have a genuine need (e.g., moving or unloading items). However, this practice is generally discouraged to ensure that these spaces remain available for actual visitors. If residents consistently use visitor parking, it can lead to disputes and a lack of parking options for genuine visitors. Always check your property’s specific guidelines to understand the rules about residents using visitor parking spaces.

Friendly Tip: visitor parking is reserved for bona fide visitors only, i.e. it would likely be a requirement that you are present at the building while you park there and that the owner or occupier you visit is present also.

Visitor parking issues have plagued residential communities for far too long. However, Share with Oscar’s innovative visitor parking management software and hardware technology are turning the tide. Through a simple and seamless user experience, fair usage enforcement, and real-time monitoring capabilities, Share with Oscar is empowering residents, visitors, and building managers to take control of their parking spaces like never before. By adhering to the regulations outlined in the CMS and/or the bylaws, Share with Oscar ensures that visitor parking remains convenient, fair, and efficiently managed.

Experience the future of visitor parking with Share with Oscar.

*Remember, the information provided here is of a general nature and might not cover all possible scenarios or recent updates. It’s important to refer to your property’s by-laws and regulations, as well as any guidelines provided by local authorities, for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding visitor parking.

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