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Search and compare prices at thousands of parking locations.


Select a car space, edit your booking time and pay securely.


Follow the easy directions and access instructions.

The journey to work is a daily reality for many Australians with many social, economic and environmental consequences. In Australia 9.2 million people were recorded as commuting by car to work on Census day, on average travelling 16.5 kilometres (km) to reach their workplace. Of the 9.2 million commuters on Census day, 79% travelled to work by private vehicle, 14% took public transport and 5.2% either cycled or walked. Think about it – that’s a lot of people commuting by car and a lot of car parks needed.

You’ve got the supply. We have the demand.

By utilising Share with Oscar’s platform, you can instantly reach our community of almost 10 million drivers, including those specifically looking for parking in your area. Did you know that there is only 1 parking space for every 6 drivers in our urban cities? Yet there is so much unused space for the most part of the day that’s hidden, locked away and private.

Instead of building more unsightly parking lots, let’s help each other by lending what we already have, and making the most efficient use of space. Oscar helps members of the community to earn some additional income whilst unlocking more parking spaces for the drivers who need them. You rent out your home parking whilst you are at work, unlocking space for someone else to use on their commute.

You’ll have your own profile page, so drivers can see parking instructions, Google Street View photos & images of your facilities, enhancing the overall parking experience for drivers. We believe that as a community, we can help solve our city’s commuting by car and parking woes.

Easy parking? There’s an app for that.

Today’s customers enjoy the modern, stress-free experience of booking services via apps. From holidays to taxis to your weekly shopping, people want a quick and seamless solution – and parking is no different especially when commuting by car.

By allowing bookable parking at your car park you’ll be tapping into an audience who look for this experience – in fact, car parks without these options are already seeing less traffic to their sites. So, stay ahead of the curve and move your offering into the ‘Bookable Age’, it’s good for your customers and great for you.

Pleasant experience

A huge part of maximising the revenue generated from your spaces is repeat bookings. The game changer for this is the driver’s experience and that relies on how smoothly things go at the car park. A bad experience can lead to the driver not booking again, as well as a negative review; likely reducing demand and impacting revenue.


Have you got clear signage and instructions? Is the car park easy to find and drive around? Australia can be a confusing place, especially for people new to the country so try and make your listing as clear as possible. Think of it as the airbnb of car parks!

Working with our partners, we collaborate on making the best possible experience using our checklist. Over the last 12 months, we have been working with various clients and partners who had negative reviews and worked together to change them into 4 and 5 stars.

As a result, we were able to notify users on which spaces were available and have since seen a great uplift in bookings and repeat ones. A pleasant experience for your drivers will lead to more income from your spaces.

Local Business or Commercial Property?

Many businesses who try and push demand to their parking spaces often don’t see the results they were aiming for because they can’t reach the right target audience. By utilising the Share with Oscar platform, you can instantly reach our community of almost 1 million drivers, including those specifically looking for parking in your area. You’ll have your own profile page, so drivers can see parking instructions, Google Street View photos & images of your facilities, enhancing the overall parking experience for drivers.

Oscar also works Property Managers, Developers, Agents, Landlords, and Tenants to maximise the value of parking assets, for car parks of all sizes.

• Maximise revenue from underutilised parking spaces and optimise yield through dynamic pricing.

• Have complete control over parking pricing, and availability on flexible terms.

• Access year round marketing exposure and tap into Oscars ever-growing membership base.

• Safe and secure transactions and bookings made through Oscar.

Businesses we work with see a significant increase in demand for their spaces. That quick upturn evolves into a regular customer base who then go on to become repeat users of your car park. And all of this happens with minimal involvement from your end. Just list the spaces, set up your profile and watch as the bookings come rolling in. Whether you have parking or require additional parking for your staff, Oscar has a solution for you.

Local resident commuting by car? How to List Your Spot:

Listing your parking spot to rent out a car space on Share with Oscar is quick and easy. Follow these steps to get started:

Sign Up:

Visit Share with Oscar’s registration page and create an account.

Create Your Listing:

Once registered, navigate to your dashboard and click the “List Your Spot” option. Provide details about your car space for lease, such as location, instructions for access, availability, and specific features or restrictions. Highlight the advantages of your spot, such as proximity to popular destinations or additional security measures.

Upload Photos:

Include high-quality photos of your parking spot to make your listing more attractive to potential renters.

Set Your Price:

Determine the rental price for your parking spot. Consider location, demand, and any additional services or amenities you offer. If you’re unsure, we provide a guide to help you set competitive pricing based on similar listings in your area.

Add Availability:

Add your spot’s availability and click ‘Next’. Once you’ve completed this step, our team will review your listing and publish the listing for others to book.

Still got questions?

How Much Can I Rent My Car Parking Space For?

You can book parking for as little as 15 minutes, for several days at a time or even monthly.

How Do You Get Paid?

Manage payments effortlessly with Oscar. Easily track your earnings by accessing your ‘Wallet’.

You’ll get paid on the 15th of each month; the processing time varies depending on your bank. Oscar deducts a 20% service fee to support the app’s operational expenses.

How Does Pricing Work?

At Share with Oscar, you set up the price; But, we have recommended pricings according to local car parks and parking rates, ensuring your location attracts bookings, this way we ensure the pricing is fair for both the tenant and the driver.

If you would like to set a fixed daily rate, add an overnight surcharge, or limit consecutive bookings for your space, please contact us or email us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.

If you are listing a space for a casual booking, the maximum daily price is 7 times the hourly rate, meaning that if for example your spot is listed at $3 per hour, the most a driver can pay in a day is $21.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

Starting at Share with Oscar account has no cost, so sign up for free now!

Here at Oscar, our mission is to make our cities more liveable through sharing. Together we can change the way we share our infrastructure and resources when we don’t use them, to create greener, smarter, and more liveable cities.

Join the journey today and help out someone else who is also commuting by car.
List Your Spot and Monetise Your Unused Parking Spot Today with Share with Oscar!

Happy Sharing!

Look. Book. Park. Download the app

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  • Best Parking App

Look. Book. Park. Download the app

  • Best Parking App
  • Best Parking App