Cheering on the Lions? Oscar is Your Key to a Perfect Game Day and Parking at The Gabba!

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Are you excited to cheer on the Brisbane Lions? Game day at The Gabba is always a thrilling experience. From spectacular plays to the vibrant atmosphere of the stadium, every moment is exhilarating. But finding parking at The Gabba can be a hassle. That’s where Share with Oscar comes in. With Share with Oscar, you can secure convenient parking in advance. Here are some handy tips to maximise your Share with Oscar Parking Pass for your visit to The Gabba.

Search for Parking at The Gabba Made Hassle-Free

Simplify your game day by securing your parking spot in advance with Share with Oscar. Just search for The Gabba or the Brisbane Lions, and pick the game you’re attending to find nearby parking options. Heading to an away game and not sure where the Lions are playing? Just search for the opposing team’s name instead! This way, you can always find a spot close to the action. Parking at The Gabba has never been easier!

Plan Ahead and Book Early

To ensure a hassle-free experience, it’s best to book your Share with Oscar parking pass as early as possible. Popular games, especially those involving the Brisbane Lions, tend to attract large crowds. Parking spots can fill up quickly. By booking early, you secure a convenient spot close to The Gabba, reducing the stress of finding parking on game day. Parking at The Gabba is in high demand, so plan ahead!

Choose the Right Spot

Share with Oscar offers a variety of parking options around The Gabba. Use the app to filter spots by distance, price, and arrival time. Whether you want to be as close as possible to the action or prefer a more budget-friendly option, there’s a spot that’s perfect for you. Don’t forget to consider traffic and walking distance to the stadium when making your selection. With Share with Oscar, you can tailor your Parking at The Gabba experience to suit your needs.

Arrive Early with an Event Spot

We know you’re eager to get to your seats. Whether they’re along the boundary, in the stands, or in the fan zones, arriving early enhances your experience. Share with Oscar’s Event parking offers set arrival times to ensure you have plenty of time to get to your spot. Need more flexibility? Adjust the search settings to find spots with earlier arrival times. You can even filter your results by distance and price to find the ideal parking spot. Parking at The Gabba has never been so convenient.

Extra Time? No Problem!

Uh-oh! Your reservation is about to expire, and the game is going into extra time. No need to worry! When you book an Event spot through Share with Oscar for the Lions game, you have up to an hour after the actual end time of the event to leave the spot. So, if the game goes into extra time and lasts until 7 pm, you have until 8 pm to return to your car. Say goodbye to rushing out to check on your car during crucial moments of the game! Parking at The Gabba with Share with Oscar gives you peace of mind.

Additional Options For Parking at The Gabba Precinct

While Share with Oscar is your best bet for convenient parking, there are other parking options available in The Gabba precinct.

Logan Road: Public parking is available on event days only. Entry is via Logan Road. A fee of $30 per car applies.

Woolloongabba Place Park: Public parking (fees apply). Entry is via Main Street.

East Brisbane State School: Public parking for selected events only (fees apply). Entry via Wellington Road.

Churchie (Anglican Church Grammar School): Public parking for selected events only (fees apply). Entry via Oaklands Parade.

Note: Parking at all sites is limited. Special Event Clearways may be in force for surrounding areas. All car parks have areas reserved for patrons with disabilities. However, The Gabba Parking is still best with Share with Oscar for a stress-free experience.

Stay Hydrated and Comfortable

Game days can be long, so it’s important to stay hydrated and comfortable. Bring a reusable water bottle and wear comfortable shoes for walking to and from the stadium. Being prepared will ensure you enjoy every moment of the game. The Gabba Parking with Share with Oscar makes it easy to have a relaxed and enjoyable day.

Explore the Surrounding Area

If you arrive early, take some time to explore the areas around The Gabba. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and attractions nearby that are worth checking out. Enjoy a pre-game meal or a post-game celebration with fellow fans. With Share with Oscar’s convenient parking options, you can make the most of your visit. The Gabba is about more than just the game.

Enjoy Extra Time Without Worry

Games can be unpredictable, and sometimes they go into extra time. With Share with Oscar, you don’t need to worry about your parking reservation expiring if the game runs long. Your pass gives you an extra hour after the event ends to leave your spot, so you can focus on cheering for the Lions rather than watching the clock. Parking at The Gabba with Share with Oscar is designed to accommodate the excitement of game day.

Get Assistance When You Need It

If you encounter any issues or need to make changes to your reservation, Share with Oscar’s Customer Heroes are ready to help. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or need assistance finding another spot, they’re just a phone call away. Reach out at (02) 8206 934 or email contact@sharewithoscar for quick support. The Gabba Parking with Share with Oscar is backed by excellent customer service.

Game Day Tips for the Best Experience

Avoid Last-Minute Rushes

Arriving early not only enhances your experience but also helps avoid the last-minute rush. Give yourself ample time to park, walk to the stadium, and find your seats. The Gabba can get quite busy on game days, so planning your arrival time carefully can make a big difference. With Share with Oscar, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable Parking at The Gabba experience.

Check Traffic Updates

Brisbane traffic can be unpredictable, especially on game days. Keep an eye on traffic updates and plan your route accordingly. Share with Oscar’s app can also provide real-time information to help you navigate to your parking spot efficiently. Staying informed can save you time and stress, making your experience even better.


Cheering on the Brisbane Lions at The Gabba is an exhilarating experience. By using Share with Oscar to secure your parking spot, you can focus on enjoying the game without the stress of finding parking at The Gabba. Plan ahead, choose the right spot, and arrive early to make the most of your game day. With these tips and the convenience of Share with Oscar, you’re all set for an unforgettable day at The Gabba.

Go Lions!

Happy Game Day!

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