Long Term and Monthly Parking in Parramatta

A guide to your Parramatta monthly parking alternatives

Parking in Parramatta isn’t easy at the best of times. So when you’re looking for long term parking or monthly parking in Parramatta it can be a real struggle. Here’s an in-depth guide from us of your best choices for long term and monthly parking in Parramatta, we hope it helps!
Parramatta Monthly Parking is hard to find near this ferry wharf on the Parramatta River
Do you need Monthly Parking in Parramatta?
If you regularly commute to Parramatta by car, finding parking each day isn’t feasible. Parramatta is one of Sydney’s biggest CBD’s, where hunting for a spot everyday is a waste of time and contributes to traffic congestion. That said, you won’t need monthly parking in Parramatta if you can skip the commute in the first place. If you can catch a train or bus to work, you’ll save yourself the hassle and cost associated with the daily commute. Of course, public transport isn’t always feasible. That’s especially so near Parramatta, as many nearby suburbs have no train station and patchy bus services. This is where Parramatta monthly parking or long term parking really helps – both you and your community.
Parramatta Monthly Parking with Share with Oscar
The easiest and most affordable monthly parking in Parramatta is found with Share with Oscar. We let home owners rent out their driveways when they don’t own a car, or when they’re not using the space. By efficiently using otherwise vacant space, Share with Oscar is around 50% cheaper than private parking, especially when booked long term. With Share with Oscar, there’s lots of variety between listings. Some spots will be a driveway, while others are in commercial parking lots or covered garages. We’ll work to find a monthly parking spot to suit your exact needs. Finding monthly parking in Parramatta is easy with Share with Oscar. Just head to our Long Term Parking page and fill out the form. A member of our team will be in touch shortly.
A woman near a car using the Share with Oscar app, that makes it easy to find Monthly Parking in Parramatta
Parramatta Monthly Parking in Private Car Parks
There are a few private car parks offering monthly parking in Parramatta, operated by Secure and Wilson parking. Wilson operate four car parks in Parramatta, while Secure operate around a dozen. Some of these are undercover, while others are open to the elements. These are the most expensive monthly parking options in Parramatta, so be prepared to pay top dollar. Not all locations offer monthly parking, and rates vary by location and other factors. You’ll need to call the private car park companies to request a quote.
Monthly Parking at Parramatta RSL
A potentially cheaper option is the limited amount of monthly parking offered by the Parramatta RSL club. The club offers a small amount of undercover parking in the Parramatta CBD for $250 a month. There are a few conditions, however. You’ll need to be a member for a start. The spots are also only available from 7am to 6pm, so you’ll need to move your car if you’re staying late. Because there are limited spots available, you’ll need to fill out an application at the club to see if you qualify.
Bonus: Monthly Parking at Parra Leagues
Parra Leagues, just north of the river, has a great all day parking offer for members. Between 6:00am and 6:59pm, members can access free all-day parking once they spend at least $8 across the club. A couple of drinks or a meal will cover that! While Parra Leagues doesn’t offer monthly parking, you could use this offer multiple times to access some of the most affordable parking in Parramatta. Be sure to check the terms and conditions on the Parra Leagues website.