How To Make Extra Money in 2022 and Gig The Economy

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It’s 2022, a little income boost can’t hurt, right? I mean… have you seen the price of lettuce recently?

If you’re serious about earning more money than you can spend, then it’s time to consider gigging your income. The idea is that you tend to have a number of different skills and resources at your disposal — resources that have financial value and can be monetized by simply pressing a few buttons for additional income.

Thanks to Covid working remotely is becoming increasingly popular. And, for many, making money from home (even in their PJs) is their dream job. Whether that be, selling stuff, working from home or using the web.

Here are 5 easy ways to make money at home and on your own schedule:

1. Rent Out Your Clothes Online

Is it time to turn that shopping hobby into an income? We think so. Did you know that people online are making up to $200/hr just to rent out that dress you (maybe) wore once?! That’s right. Let’s look at some of the best rental options, Outdress App and Rent a Dress are the most popular online platforms. However, we love good old Facebook Marketplace and just reaching out to your local community.

Time: Low – Medium

Extra Tools Needed: Camera or Phone

2. Sell stock imagery online

The best way to sell photographs online is by selling them to third-party websites. You can make anywhere from $0.25–0.45 per photo. We recommend posting on websites like iStockPhotos, Dreamstime, and Getty Images. Time to get snapping!

Time: Medium

Extra Tools Needed: Camera

3. Rent Out Your Driveway Space

Do you use your driveway at all hours of the day? I can assure you, you don’t. So, why not rent it out while you’re at work? That way it’s yours when you need it, money when you don’t. Parking Apps like, Share with Oscar make this as simple as a few clicks of a button. With options to rent it out both casually and monthly, users are making up to an extra $250+ per month! Think of it like the Airbnb of car parks.

Time: Low

Extra Tools Needed: None

4. Take Up Tutoring Online

Have some extra time on your hands? How about you dig out those old physics books and take up online tutoring. The skills you need to become an online tutor are similar to the skills you need for in-person tutoring. You’ll need to be knowledgeable in your subject area, have an adaptable teaching style and a personable attitude.

Time: High

Extra Tools Needed: Computer. A fast and reliable internet connection

5. Pet Sit During Your Free Time

Animal lover? Great news for you, the average pet sitter/ dog walker in Australia owns $22.70 an hour! Getting paid to do pet sitting through is a great way to earn money from your own home or – from the owners home, and within your schedule.

Time: Low – Medium

Extra Tools Needed: A love for animals. A pet-friendly living situation

Well there you have it…

I bet you didn’t know you can make up to $250 extra per month just by renting out your driveway?

That’s a lot of money, right? It is. But you have a right to demand it and with these easy, cutting-edge side hustles you can make some extra bucks. We’re all in this and can gig the economy together.

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