How to handle trimesters like a legend

Struggling to get into the rhythm of trimesters? Check out some of our tips

Does it feel like you only just walked out of your last exam and are now starting to prepare for the next? Where did the time go? If you’re having to adjust to new trimesters (and the severely shortened breaks), here’s a few tips that might help. Hint – it’s all about better time management so you can get back the time you would have otherwise had off during the break. Play Tetris with your timetable Try to fit as many classes into as few days as possible as possible (wake up earlier, leave later if you have to). We know this sounds obvious but hopefully this means you can now get at least 1 or 2 days off a week to truly relax. This will in the long-run help you adjust to the shorter breaks between semesters. Timeweave is your best friend Now that you’ve tetrised your way to the ideal calendar, you can automatically import it into Timeweave for free. Timeweave is the easiest way to view your own timetable and you’ll even get notifications before class starts so that you’re reminded to feel guilty about how many classes you’ve decided to skip today 😝. The coolest part is the automatic importer, just put in your university ID and bam, timetable imported. Don’t waste time manually adding all your classes into your phone’s calendar! If you’re a social person, then you can add your friends on Timeweave and see their timetable too! Use the weave function to compare timetables and easily find common breaks with your friends so you know when to meet up to hang out. Plan your trip Whether it’s catching public transport, carpooling or driving to class, plan out your trip in advance to figure out the optimal times to head in so you’re not wasting too much on the road. Use Trip Planner to find out how long your trip will take at various times of the day and plan your calendar accordingly. Use Share with Oscar to book a dedicated spot around campus in advance. Most people have 9am classes so if you can avoid those, you can not only sleep in but save time on your commute! Prioritise rest and exercise Especially given the cold snap, we know how easy it can be to delay going to the gym and to sit at home with a hot chocolate binge watching the latest show on Netflix. Instead, make sure you schedule in regular exercise as this will make you feel more energetic in the long-run. As much as we’d all like to be able to hibernate, it does us no favours when it comes to exam time.