How Hotels Can Use Oscar To Manage Their Assets.

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Search and compare prices at thousands of parking locations.


Select a car space, edit your booking time and pay securely.


Follow the easy directions and access instructions.

Here at Share with Oscar we offer Hotels award winning parking technology within Australia’s largest parking network. This allows clientele a frictionless way to park, with safe and secure contactless transactions via a mobile app. Not only have we helped one hotel chain to generate casual and long-term revenue but their revenue has already multiplied by over 4 times in the past 12 months. For another client, we’ve generated over $6,000 in parking revenue for a hotel with just 5 car spaces for a flat daily in only a few months.

Interested to know more? Here is how we can help you:

Increased Profits:

Parking isn’t just a service amenity – it’s a profit centre.

“On average, a hotel car park is only 60% utilised…”

This means there is a significant opportunity to maximise revenue from under-utilised parking spaces and optimise yield through dynamic pricing. We also provide you with all year round marketing exposure to your hotel parking and hotel brand. As well as the opportunity to tap into Oscar’s ever-growing membership base.

Visitor Parking and EV Charging:

We understand that visitor parking can be a major pain point for residents, owners, and building managers. Unknown vehicles, vehicles overstaying, misuse of bays, and the uncertainty of availability for your visitors. The same applies for EV charging stations.

Our solution provides a seamless experience to manage visitor parking and EV charging, and ensure the safe and fair use of space.

How it Works:

Every hotel is different and we will work with you to figure out what works best. Below is an illustration of how a standard booking may work with a hotel.

1. Drivers Book & Pay

Our verified network of drivers will book parking and pay through the Oscar app, and receive instructions on how to access the parking space.

2. You Receive Bookings

You will receive an email and a notification each time a booking is made. View your booking to see the scheduled entry and exit time, name, booking reference number, and licence plate details.

3. Manage Your Calendar with Ease

View your calendar of bookings ahead of time. Manage your availability based on off-peak and on-peak periods.View your parking revenue and update pricing as required.

So what is the takeaway for how Hotels can utilise Share with Oscar?

✓ Customised App and Web portal for tenants and customers, or integrate with existing platforms

✓ Customise customer groups with price, availability

✓ Integrate with your existing systems

✓ Automated billing and payments to customers

✓ Manage the whole car park through the management portal

✓ Real-time alerts and reminders Award winning parking technology and

✓ Automated Payments

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