My Mum's Epic Guacamole Recipe

By Lili, Community Manager

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Hi, I’m Lili!

I’ve recently joined the Share with Oscar team, and in the spirit of sharing, I want to share with you my mum’s epic guac recipe!.

I’m from Ecuador, and moved to Australia 8 years ago. This is my go to fix when I’m feeling a little homesick. Mum’s given me the ‘okay’ to share this recipe with you, and in true latino hospitality, I’d like to show and give a little bit of myself to the community.

It’s been an absolute hit with everyone that’s tried it.


  • ✔ 3 ripe avocados
  • ✔ 1 medium red onion
  • ✔ 2 ripe tomatoes*
  • ✔ 2 limes
  • ✔ Olive oil
  • ✔ Salt & pepper to taste
  • ✔ Coriander is optional. I never put it in though…

Tip: If you’re feeding a large crowd, I always add an extra tomato to make the guac last longer. This recipe should give you a decent sized bowl to share.


  • 1. This very first step is my mum’s secret, so value and cherish it forever. Chop the onion into small little cubes and place them in a bowl. Add a generous pinch of salt and squeeze one lime on top of it. Mix well and let it rest. Onions are sort of “cooking” in this limy-salty mixture, which will help release lots of flavour from the onion and will take your guac to epic levels.

  • 2. In another bigger, bowl mash that avo! I always use a fork to mash avo and I like to add some olive oil to make the mixture even smoother. Mash one avocado at the time to avoid messiness.

  • 3. Chop your tomatoes, but do not waste their juice! I chop them in quarters first and then I scrape the juice and seeds from each quarter into the avocado mash. This will make your guacamole a little runnier, but full of flavour. If you prefer the consistency to remain creamy, then don’t add the juice. Just letting you know how my mumma does it.

  • 4. After all the juice has been placed in your avo mash, chop your tomatoes into small cubes and add them to the avocado bowl. Mix.

  • 5. By this time, your onions would have soaked long enough to achieve epic flavour goals, so you can go ahead and add them to the avocado and tomato mixture.

  • 6. Mix well and do a taste test. Add salt and pepper as desired and, in Ecuador, we would always add that second (or third) lime!

And there you have it! Simple and delicious. Pair your guacamole with corn chips, pita bread or add it to your morning toast. This always makes the best impressions at any sort of party, so please start making it and share the guac love.

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