Renting your parking space

A Beginner’s Guide to Sharing Your Parking Space
Share With Oscar allows you easily to find parking on the go and at the same time, earn money renting out your private parking space whether it’s the front lawn, driveway, or garage. If you’re already a Spot Owner or someone who’s interested in trying our app, here’s a quick guide on how to make the most out of your own parking space. 1. Share your spot with a click of a button As soon as you sign up, you can start earning money for your parking space by clicking ‘My Spots’ > ‘Add Another Spot’. After that, you fill in your parking space details to ensure the right vehicle goes into the right spot. 2. Plan your spot availability in your own time Wondering how to make your spot open for business? Click on ‘Calendar’ and you can then let drivers know what dates and times the space is available. While you’re out and about, at home, or on a vacay trip, you can get the dough. 3. Money automatically goes into your piggy bank Not sure how you get those dollar bills? As soon as you sign up, the bank details you have given on the app will automatically link your account to its payments. Simply click on ‘Wallet’ to check the amount you’ve gotten from the app and click on ‘Payment Details’ > ‘Add Payout Details’ to add your bank details to your account. Sharers in our community are earning up to $400/month for leasing their parking space. The benefits of spot owning are endless 4. Keep Calm! You’re in a trusted community If you’re wondering about privacy, the app does not show your address until someone books your parking spot. Oscar also makes sure every person who uses the app is verified. This ensures quick and trusted bookings every time a person uses the app. Cha-ching! 5. You decide your price for parking If you’re not sure how to price your spot, we’ve got a personalised pricing tool to help you get started. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and earning money has never been this easy! Click here to get sharing!