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Whilst there is so much to see and do in the CBD, Brisbane is notorious for expensive parking. As the fifth most expensive city in the world for parking, Brisbane drivers pay over $31 on average to park in Brisbane CBD for just an hour according to an RACQ study.

Whether you’re heading into the city for work, a quick meeting, dinner or shopping, it is important to know which parking options work best for you.

Parking for under 1 hour – For a quick errand (< 1 hour)

If you need to pop in for just 30 min, council car parks such as the King George Square Car Park and the Wickham Terrace Car Park costs just $5 for the first 20 minutes or $10 for the first 30 min. For the first hour, the cost jumps up to $18. At this point, we recommend opting for a flat daily rate with Oscar that will provide you with the flexibility to leave.

Parking for 2 hours – For a quick meeting (< 2 hours)

If you’re lucky enough to find a spot on the street, street parking is available for $5/hour. However, most streets have a 2 hour time limit weekdays from 7am to 6pm and on Saturday (7am to midday) so make sure you don’t exceed these time limits to avoid getting a ticket.

If this isn’t an option, off-street parking is the next feasible option. Car parks such as the Myer Centre Car Park charge $43 for the first 2 hours. Instead, we recommend booking all-day parking via Share with Oscar for $22/day flat rate.

All day parking

Whether you’re parking during regular work hours or if you need to stay back overtime, Share with Oscar offers all-day parking at unbeatable flat rates as long as you exit before midnight that day.

Alternatively, most car park operators offer early bird parking for a cheaper rate, with fixed entry and exit times (typically with entry before 9am and exit before 5pm). If you are on a regular schedule, these early bird rates might work for you. Check out Share with Oscar for Early Bird rates, without the time limitations.

Evening and weekend parking

There are fortunately a lot of deals available for cheap evening and weekend parking. Weekend parking is available in council car parks from $5 for 4 hours, $10 for under 8 hours or $15 for more than 8 hours. Evening parking is available for a flat $5 on evenings.

Otherwise, find weekend and evening rates for a flat $13 on Share with Oscar.

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Overnight parking

Overnight parking can be very expensive so it’s extremely important to book in advance. Book overnight parking in advance in key brisbane city locations for just $34/day overnight with pick exit before noon the next day.