How to book affordable parking in Sydney

How to use Share with Oscar to find cheap and easy parking in Sydney
Do you find yourself circling around the block only to park a kilometre away from your destination a half hour later? Share with Oscar allows you to easily find parking on the go and at the same time, earn money renting out your parking space whether it’s the driveway, garage or even the front lawn.

If you’re a first timer interested in trying our app or a user in need of a refresher, here’s a quick guide on how to find parking on Share With Oscar. 1. Add your vehicle details When you sign up, the app will ask you to input your vehicle details. This is to filter and track the right parking spaces for you so it fits like a hand in a glove. Also, to assure spot owners that every driver on the app is verified.

If you have more than one vehicle, choose the one you use the most as your default. To edit or change vehicle details click ‘My Dashboard > My Vehicles’. 2. Find a parking space near you Once you’ve input your information, it’s time to look for parking! Simply click ‘Find a Spot’ and it will direct you to a map that will show spots nearest your desired destination. If you can’t find a spot in your area, recommend it to us by pressing ‘Referrals > Nominate A Spot’ or via email. 3. Make a booking To book a parking space, press ‘Start’to input the date and time of your planned parking. You can book in advance for up to two weeks. ‘Duration’ will indicate how long you want to park for. Tap on a parking spot and then click ‘View Spot’ to find out more information on the space. When you’re ready, click ‘Book Now’ to confirm. After that, it’s a done deal! 4. Park your car smoothly  If you wish to park for longer, you can do this by clicking ‘Extend Booking’ on your bookings list or through the parking timer on the app. There will be a flat overstay fee of $20 per hour so make sure to leave the space as soon as your booking is over. If your booked space is taken, click ‘Lodge An Incident’ or shoot us an email to ensure you get a bang for your buck.  However, if you’d like to cancel tap ‘Cancel Booking’. For cancellations less than an hour before the booking, the money you’ve put through cannot be refunded. By clicking ‘Parking Timer > Check Out’ this lets you finish your parking early to let other drivers know the spot is available. 5. Review spot and refer to a friend After you’ve parked in the spot, simply give it a review by adding a star rating, recommendations for improvement, and any additional comments. To share the app, click on ‘Referrals > Refer A Friend & Earn’. By doing so, you get an extra dollar, dollar bill in your bank. Discount!