The best cafes in Bondi Beach

10 fantastic Bondi Beach cafes you should get to (pronto!)

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What you should know

There’s a reason Bondi is so iconic – it combines most of what makes Australia unique. The beaches, the sun, the incredible coffee culture, Bondi has it all.

Of course it also has crowds, traffic, a lack of parking, and Bondi hipsters. Share with Oscar can help with parking in Bondi, but the hipsters will have to stay…

These days, the Bondi Beach coffee scene is about as good as it gets, up there with Melbourne and Sydney’s Inner West. To help you find your favourite bean by the bay, here are our top 10 cafes near Bondi Beach (in no particular order).

Our Top 10

Gertrude & Alice Cafe

A few blocks back from Bondi Beach proper, Gertrude & Alice is a combination bookshop and cafe. It’s cosy and friendly, with some of the best cafe food you’ll find in Sydney. Being small, it can get busy and has a high turnover, so don’t plan on staying for hours at a time.

📍 Gertrude & Alice is at 1/46 Hall Street Bondi Beach.


Trio ranks as one of the best breakfast cafes in Sydney, as well as being one of the best cafes on Bondi Beach. They do a great cold brew, though we’ve never had a bad coffee from there. It’s not the cheapest menu, but it’s worth the investment, especially after a Bondi sunrise.

📍 Trio is right by the beach, at 56 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach.

Heart Cafe

Heart Cafe is the first social enterprise cafe in Bondi Beach, helping disadvantaged youth transition from unemployment to employment. Heart also serves excellent food and wonderful coffee from local roasters Gypsy Espresso. It’s an unproblematic choice.

📍 Find Heart Cafe at 95 Roscoe Street Bondi Beach.

Bondi Trattoria

Bondi Trattoria combines beach views with great coffee and excellent food. The cuisine is Italian with a modern Australian twist – they make their pasta in house! Trattoria is a Campos cafe, so you can bank on the coffee being consistently excellent.

📍 You’ll find Bondi Trattoria at 34 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach.

Sonoma Cafe

If you’re a bread lover, you probably already know what the Sonoma brand means – really good bread. Their Bondi cafe and bakery is no exception, offering great bread, pastries, and coffee. They’re early risers, opening at 6.30am each morning.

📍 You’ll find Sonoma Cafe Bondi at 178 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach.

Harry’s Bondi

Harry’s Bondi is one of the busiest cafes near Bondi Beach for a very good reason. Harry’s has been as establishment for 20 odd years, with great coffee and smoothies, and one of the best cafe menus around. If you head to Harry’s on a weekend, make a booking online.

📍 Harry’s Bondi is on the eastern side of the village, at 136 Wairoa Avenue Bondi Beach.

Bill’s Bondi

The cafe-child of celebrity chef Bill Granger, the food at Bill’s Bondi is as good as any you’ll find at any cafe in Sydney, although it is priced to match. The vibe is more that of a restaurant and can get very busy around lunch and dinner, so plan your trip accordingly.

📍 You’ll find Bill’s at 79 Hall Street Bondi Beach.


Six and a half days a week, Rocker offer up a combination cafe, restaurant, and bar to satisfy any craving. You can bank on the coffee from Sydney roasters Single O, while the menu is both tasty and reasonably priced. You’ll need your hill legs to walk from Bondi Beach, but it’s worth the climb!

📍 Rocker is at 5 Campbell Parade North Bondi.

The Shop & Wine Bar

The Shop & Wine Bar is Bondi’s original small bar, a hole-in-the-wall combo of classic Aussie cafe and wine bar. It’s open early until late every day, with happy hour between 3pm and 6pm. The coffee is top quality, and being a little way off the main strip, it’s a much more low key affair.

📍 Kick back at The Shop & Wine Bar at 78 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach.

Good One Cafe

Good One is one of the most dependable Bondi Beach Cafes, known by locals for consistently great coffee, and excellent food. If you’re an almond milk fan, they make their own in house each day, so be sure to try it. As you might expect with the best cafes in Bondi, getting a table on the weekend can be a struggle.

📍 Find Good One at 132 Warners Avenue Bondi Beach.

Driving to Bondi Beach?

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