Pre-game feeds

Best pre-game feeds around Moore Park

We know that finding a good place to eat around Allianz Stadium can be more challenging than finding a place to park, so we’ve compiled a list of the top pre-game feeds for all our sports fanatics out there. 

1. Cheekyburger ($) 

Get game ready with a cheeky 🍔🍔🍔 at this American-style diner. Cheekyburger serves up some of the most authentic American burgers and sides.

Pre-game feed: double cheeseburger with bacon and skinny fries, washed down with a thick shake.

2. Love Supreme ($$) 

Known for their use of organic ingredients, the pizzas here are a hit and involve surprising flavour combinations. This small but lively bistro is just a short 10 min walk from the stadium, but make sure you head in a little early as it can get quite busy later in the evening!

Hot tip: give the Surprise pizza a go if you’re feeling adventurous 😉

3. Andaqua ($$)

When the Vietnamese food cravings kick in, a hearty bowl of pho is the only solution. Andaqua is a newcomer to the Surry Hills foodie scene and brings you the best dishes from across Vietnam, with some French influences.

Pre-game feed: char-grilled pork vermicelli bowl and a banana split with mango ice cream. Mmmmm.

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4. Imperial Hotel Paddington ($$) 

An old establishment with a brand-new menu, the Imperial Hotel Paddington serves up some of the best pub grubs and is a favourite amongst locals. They plate up a mean Angus steak, but we hear their new range of burgers have already started to amass a loyal fanbase as well.  

5. Paddo Inn Bar & Grill ($$$) 

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, look no further than Paddo Inn Bar & Grill. The Paddo first launched celebrity chef, Matt Moran’s career, over 20 years ago and now Matt has been invited back to relaunch the Paddo with his own menu. Renowned for its premium quality steaks and specialty cocktails, we recommend you defer to your waiter’s expertise for the perfect pre-game food and wine pairing.

($) –  less than $20 pp
($$) – between $20 – $40 pp
($$$) – between $40 – $60 pp

1 November, 2017