Best Suburbs for Practicing Driving in Melbourne

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Practicing driving in Melbourne can be an exciting yet challenging experience, especially for new learners looking to hone their skills. Choosing the right locations for practice is key to building confidence behind the wheel. Here, we explore some of the best suburbs in Melbourne for practicing driving, including specific spots to refine your cornering techniques and parking skills.

Your Own Backyard is a Good Place To Start


Kickstarting your driving practice journey can be as simple as exploring your own suburb. If you reside in a calm, residential area, there are perks to taking a few laps around familiar streets. The advantage lies in your existing knowledge of the local driving landscape, fostering a sense of relaxation and confidence.

Getting accustomed to manoeuvring around the streets near your home is a crucial aspect of your overall driving experience. However, if your suburb doesn’t offer low-traffic conditions or you’ve already mastered the basics, it’s time to venture into other corners of Melbourne.

Discovering suburbs in Melbourne conducive to driving practice involves seeking areas with minimal traffic, making them perfect for refining your driving, turning, and parking skills. Focus on residential sectors, car parks, industrial parks, and other spacious or low-traffic zones. Here are some suburbs ideal practicing driving in Melbourne:

1. Epping:

Epping strikes a balance with serene residential streets and industrial zones. This provides an ideal environment for hassle-free driving and parking practice. Exercise caution around Cooper Street and High Street, especially near Epping Plaza Shopping Centre, until you’re prepared for increased traffic. Utilise the ample car parks in the shopping area to enhance your parking skills.

2. Bundoora:

Another predominantly residential area, Bundoora offers a conducive space for practicing parallel parking, three-point turns, and other essential driving test manoeuvres. Stick to residential roads to avoid tricky intersections, particularly where Watsonia Road and Greensborough Road intersect.

3. Essendon:

Aside from the lively commercial centre around Mt. Alexander Road and Fletcher Street, Essendon boasts family-friendly residential streets. It’s an excellent location for honing roundabout navigation skills, with low-pressure roundabouts on Richardson Street offering a beginner-friendly experience. Increase the challenge by incorporating the roundabouts on Edward Street, just a block away.

4. Moorabbin:

Moorabbin is a preferred driving practice destination, thanks to its expansive roads and low weekend traffic. Consider starting your session early to navigate Cochranes Road with ease, heading north towards the residential part of Moorabbin as traffic increases around commercial areas in the afternoon.

Wherever you find yourself in Melbourne, there’s likely a nearby suburb ideal practicing driving in Melbourne. At this stage, consider renting a parking space in the chosen suburb to eliminate navigating high-traffic roads en route to your practice session. Share with Oscar offers affordable and convenient parking spaces for rent in suburbs like Bundoora and Moorabbin, ensuring a seamless driving practice experience.

Mastering Cornering Techniques:

Delmore Drive, Scoresby

Nestled behind the BP heading out on Eastlink, Delmore Drive in Scoresby offers an ideal location for practicing driving in Melbourne and mastering your cornering techniques. This route forms a good loop with some enticing bends, including a small switchback. The quiet atmosphere, particularly on weekends, provides a stress-free environment for learners to test their skills. Whether you’re a novice or looking to enhance your manoeuvring abilities, Delmore

Appleton Dock Road, Docklands

For those around Docklands, Appleton Dock Road near Docklands off Footscray Road is another excellent spot to refine your cornering skills. Similar to Delmore Drive, this road forms a good loop that allows drivers to practice navigating corners effectively. The quiet surroundings, especially on weekends, create a conducive environment for learners to focus on improving their driving capabilities. Whether you’re preparing for your license test or simply want to boost your confidence, Appleton Dock Road provides a suitable space for honing your cornering techniques (and practicing driving in Melbourne in general).

Where To Perfect Your Parking Skills:

COSCO Car Park, Epping

When it comes to practicing parking, finding a quiet and underutilised space is essential. The car park behind COSCO in Epping fits the bill perfectly. Even during the afternoon, this car park is hardly used, providing learners with an excellent opportunity to practice parking without the hustle and bustle of a crowded space. Whether you’re working on parallel parking or perfecting your angle parking, the COSCO car park in Epping offers a serene environment for focused practice. It is also a great area for practicing driving in Melbourne in general so you can make a whole day of it while you’re out there.

Vacant Old Masters Hardware Stores Car Parks

Another set of ideal spots for practicing parking are the carparks of vacant old Masters hardware stores. These locations often provide ample space and minimal traffic, creating a stress-free environment for learners. Finding a vacant old Masters hardware stores carpark can offer a range of scenarios for parking practice, from basic manoeuvres to more complex techniques. These spaces are excellent for learners at various stages of their driving journey.

Top Tips for Practice Driving and Parking in Melbourne

As you embark on your journey to refine your skills and practicing driving in Melbourne, it’s essential to arm yourself with valuable tips and insights. Check out our blog post Oscar’s Top Tips for Practice Driving and Parking – Melbourne for expert advice on making the most of your practice sessions. Whether you’re navigating the streets or perfecting your parking precision, these tips provide practical guidance to enhance your overall driving experience.

In conclusion, practicing driving in Melbourne becomes more enjoyable and effective when you choose the right locations. Delmore Drive in Scoresby and Appleton Dock Road near Docklands offer excellent opportunities for honing cornering techniques, while the COSCO car park in Epping and vacant old Masters hardware stores car parks are perfect for refining parking skills. Remember to follow Oscar’s top tips for a successful and confidence-building practice session in Melbourne.

Happy driving!

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