Best Places to Practice Driving in Sydney + Parking

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Driving practice is an essential part of becoming a confident and skilled driver. However, navigating Sydney’s bustling streets can be daunting, especially for beginners. That’s why having a strategic plan for practising driving in safe and less congested areas is crucial. Share with Oscar is here to guide you through the best suburbs to practice driving in Sydney and offer convenient parking solutions, ensuring a stress-free learning experience.

Driving with Your Learner Licence

Obtaining your learner licence is just the beginning of your driving journey. With the next 12 months dedicated to logging 120 hours of driving practice, finding the right areas to hone your skills is paramount. Whether you’re practising for your upcoming driving test or gaining confidence behind the wheel, choosing the right locations can make all the difference. Here is our list ot the top places to practice driving in Sydney:

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park is an excellent location to practice driving in Sydney, particularly on weekdays when traffic tends to be light. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to practice on roundabouts and intersections while honing your parallel parking skills. The wide roads and clear signage make it ideal for beginners to gain confidence behind the wheel.

Croydon Park and Ashbury

These peaceful suburbs offer plenty of opportunities to practice driving in Sydney, thanks to their light traffic hours and wide roads. Whether you’re navigating roundabouts or practising parallel parking, Croydon Park and Ashbury provide a stress-free environment for honing your skills. Plus, the quiet residential streets are perfect for building confidence on the road.

Rosebery and Eastlakes

Rosebery and Eastlakes are two residential suburbs known for their quiet and easygoing roads, making them ideal for beginner drivers. With manageable traffic levels, you’ll have the freedom to practice various driving manoeuvres without feeling overwhelmed. Whether it’s mastering lane changes or perfecting your parking, these suburbs offer the perfect backdrop for learning.

Car Parks Throughout Sydney

Here at Share with Oscar you know we love parking and car parks across Sydney provide excellent opportunities for driving practice, especially during weekdays when they’re less crowded! From mastering reverse parking to navigating tight spaces, car parks offer a controlled environment for honing your skills. Look for larger shopping centres or business districts with spacious parking lots for optimal practice sessions.

University Of Western Sydney (Weekends)

The University of Western Sydney campus is an ideal location for weekend driving practice, thanks to its expansive grounds and minimal traffic. With wide roads and open spaces, you’ll have ample room to practice various driving manoeuvres without the stress of weekday congestion. Plus, the quiet campus environment allows for focused and uninterrupted practice sessions. This is one of our top places to practice driving in Sydney!

Macquarie University (Weekends)

Macquarie University offers another excellent option for weekend driving practice, with its sprawling campus and quiet roads. Whether you’re practising turns, lane changes, or parking, the university grounds provide a safe and controlled environment for honing your skills. Take advantage of the weekends to explore different areas of the campus and build confidence behind the wheel.

Areas to Avoid

So now we have given you our top places to practice driving in Sydney – Here are the areas to avoid. This is almost just as important to know as you don’t want to get yourself accidentally stuck in a stressful and potentially dangerous situation before you are ready. Certain areas in Sydney, such as Parramatta Park, Centennial Park, and major highways like the M5 Motorway and Pacific Highway, are best avoided by learners due to heavy traffic and complexity. By steering clear of these high-traffic regions, you can focus on building confidence and mastering essential driving skills.

Tips for New Drivers

As you embark on your driving journey, remember to plan your practice sessions in advance, check blind spots regularly, and make signalling second nature. Staying calm and alert behind the wheel is key to safe driving.

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your driving journey with Share with Oscar:

1. Get Plenty of Practice: Make sure you clock in at least 120 hours of accompanied on-road experience before applying for your licence. This should include driving in different conditions like wet weather and at night to build your confidence behind the wheel.

2. Safety First: Choose a safe car that meets all the necessary safety standards. It’s essential to prioritise safety when selecting a vehicle for your driving practice.

3. Time Your Drives Wisely: Avoid driving at night unless it’s absolutely necessary or you have an experienced driver accompanying you. Similarly, refrain from driving when you would normally be asleep or if you haven’t had adequate rest in the last 18 hours.

4. Maintain Safe Distances: Increase your space and following distances while driving. Avoid tailgating and aim to keep a minimum 2-second gap from the vehicle in front to allow for safe braking.

5. Observe Speed Limits: Never exceed the speed limit while driving. Remember, it takes longer to stop than you might anticipate. Practice slowing down as your first reaction to potential hazardous situations on the road.

Part Two…

6. Prepare Your Devices: Set up your mounted device for navigation or music before starting your journey. This ensures that you’re not distracted while driving and can focus on the road ahead.

7. Minimise Distractions: Keep portable devices such as mobile phones out of sight and out of reach while driving. Minimising distractions inside the car is crucial for maintaining your focus on the road.

8. Book in Advance: Book a Share with Oscar parking spot in either a residential area or a car park in advance so you know you have a free parking space to practice in as you wish. This takes off the added stress of having to look for a spot.

9. Stay Alert: Anticipate potential hazards and continue to develop your hazard recognition skills while driving. Being proactive and observant can help you navigate challenging situations safely.

10. Buckle Up: Always ensure that you and all your passengers are wearing seat belts before setting off on any journey. Seat belts are essential for protecting occupants in the event of a collision, so make sure everyone is securely buckled in.

Whether you’re a beginner or progressing towards your P1 provisional licence, Share with Oscar is here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to our team for expert advice and convenient parking solutions tailored to your needs.

Best Times for Driving Practice

Choosing the right time of day is essential for a successful session of practice driving in Sydney. Early mornings offer light traffic conditions, providing an excellent opportunity to practice without distractions. Mid-mornings and mid-afternoons also offer manageable traffic levels, ideal for gaining confidence on the road.

Night-time driving should be approached gradually as you become more experienced. Starting in low-traffic areas ensures a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Parking Solutions with Share with Oscar

For hassle-free parking in these driving practice suburbs, Share with Oscar provides convenient parking options tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer renting a parking space near Sydney Olympic Park or Croydon Park, you can practice driving without worrying about parking constraints. With Share with Oscar, focus on your driving goals while we take care of your parking needs, ensuring a seamless and stress-free learning experience.

Happy Driving!

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