Best Meals for the Christmas Table.

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Surprise your family and friends this Christmas with incredible recipes. Meat, fish or vegetables- everything is possible with a lot of love and good ingredients. These holidays we are providing you with the best, to celebrate as a family. Reminiscent of rest, disconnection and good feelings they translate into delicacy on the table.

If you still don’t know what to do for Christmas and Christmas Eve, with these recipes you will discover the easiest and most delicious way to create a first course that is not forgotten. Take note of these 5 recipes with which your guests will remember Christmas 2022 forever.

Recipe #1: Christmas Appetiser – Italian Cheese Log

Bringing on some Christmas cheer with this festive Italian Cheese Log!! It’s a far cry from your usual cheeseball with a handful of token flavourings. This one is jam packed with flavour…. loaded with Italian flavours!!

Recipe here: Italian Cheese Log

Recipe #2: Dukkah prawn skewers with labne and minty tomato salad

A Middle Eastern twist to grilled prawns with a nutty dukkah topping and creamy labne one the side and served with a fresh minty tomato salad to complete the dish. Tastes like summer is here and time to celebrate.

Recipe here: Dukkah prawn skewers with labne and minty tomato salad

Recipe #3: Duck salad with mandarin and pomegranate

A delicious Sweet Asian-style duck salad with mandarin and pomegranate that will make your guest gasp in surprise.

Recipe here: Duck salad with mandarin and pomegranate

Recipe #4: Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken

The warm, traditional Christmas spice flavours and brown sugar marinade makes this glazed Christmas Chicken extra moist and flavourful, as well as making it ultra sticky. It is in fact a variation of my popular and traditional ham glaze – only used on chicken!

Recipe here: Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken

Recipe #5: Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake is a traditional fruit cake with a rich, velvety texture that’s so full flavoured and moist it can be eaten plain. But no one turns away a slosh of custard!

Recipe here: Christmas Cake

Each of these recipes you can prepare yourself at home in the company of those you love the most. Enjoy them and bring in the new year in laughter so that all of 2023 is full of smiles and good times.

Merry Christmas!

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