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Don’t own a car? Here’s everything you need to know about which car to rent and why.

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What you should know

In these uncertain times, sometimes we’d prefer to have access to a car either to run errands or to take a bit of a break from the city. However, owning a car can be expensive and for some of us, it’s just not financially viable to buy a car right now.

For those of you that don’t own a car, here are some of our favourites car share brands allowing you to book from an hour to several weeks.


Popcar Car Share is a membership-based service committed to providing a more sustainable and cost effective way for drivers to access cars on an hourly or daily basis. Popcar is ideal for if you need a car for only a few hours or the day and is registered as a COVID safe business. They have teamed up with local Sydney distillery Otter Craft Distilling to place a bottle of artisan hand sanitiser in every single vehicle.

Footprint: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Byron Bay with plans to expand into other states by 2021.

Price: From $5.50/hour or $59/day depending on which plan you are with. This includes the price of fuel, maintenance, servicing, cleaning and registration (with the exception of road tolls).

Use the code ‘Oscar’ and sign up for the ‘Often’ plan to waive membership fees for the next two years (and save $477.60!). You’ll only be charged a one-off joining fee of $10. Popcar vehicles are affordable to rent with prices including fuel, maintenance, servicing, cleaning and registration.


Most of us are familiar with GoGet. However, in order to use a GoGet, you need to be a member and need to register in advance to receive a card for access. Therefore, GoGet works best if you have a regular or occasional need for a vehicle. The best thing about GoGet is they have a wide range of vehicles available for rent (including people movers and even vans) and an expansive footprint.

Footprint: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Prices: GoGet has a range of membership plans with prices starting from $12/month. Membership fees change based on how often you require use of the vehicle.

If you are using GoGet for business purposes, you can save on membership fees entirely. All GoGet vehicles come with a fuel card to cover the cost of fuel. You will just need to ensure you fuel up at the end of your trip for the next driver.


If you need something a little longer term, a car subscription might be the best option. HelloCars offers some of the cheapest rates when it comes to a long-term rental for a vehicle. Costs start at $119/week and includes the cost of registration, insurance, servicing, maintenance, and roadside assistance. For families, HelloCars also have the option of adding on a child safety seat for an extra $12/week.

Footprint: Sydney

Price: No upfront fees, just the weekly fixed fee starting from $119 per week. Prices are not inclusive of fuel or tolls.

Oyo Car Share

Owned by Toyota, Oyo Car Share has a fleet of hybrid Toyota vehicles you can hire with no upfront membership fees. Pricing is flexible and you only pay for what you use. This is perfect for if you have a more short term need for a vehicle as there are no membership fees!

Footprint: Only available in Melbourne but will be expanding into other areas soon.

Price: No membership fees. Rental prices start from just $8/hour.

Car Next Door

Much like Share with Oscar, Car Next Door is a platform where you can book to drive your neighbours’ car. Car Next Door vehicles are privately owned can be a great option for if you are looking for a pet friendly ride or cars with baby seats.

Footprint: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Price: No membership fees. Prices start from $6.00/hour or $21.00/day. Depending on your plan, a booking fee of $7 may apply. Prices include fuel but you will need to top up the fuel again or pay extra if you exceed the distances included in your selected option.

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