Earn from your car space this NRL season

Be a hero this sporting Season by sharing your car space on game days
Be a hero this sporting season by lending your parking space to NRL and AFL fans, giving them an easy route travelling to and from games. You can get a little cash on the side while you’re at it! The beginning of the sporting season is a week away! With many fans travelling to Sydney stadiums in support of their favourite NRL or AFL teams, there’s only one villain that’s stopping them from going to the games; the driving experience. Picture yourself as a fan, having to leave hours in advance to avoid being late to find a decent parking space at a game. The whole night ends up in a blur and then after the game, you’re back where you left off, in the car, stuck in traffic. By the time you get home, it’s way past midnight and you’ve never felt so exhausted in your life. TomTom Traffic index shows that Sydney is the 29th most congested city in the world (that’s worse than New York and Paris). According to a Siemens case study in 2016, 40% of congestion is caused by circling around in search of a parking space. This increases to 90% during the holiday period. Think about how much traffic escalates during a game.

For homeowners who have available parking spaces near Allianz and ANZ stadium, you can be a hero this sporting season by renting out your spot during the game. You can help a fan travel conveniently and get some side hustle money in your wallet.

Like our distant relatives, Airbnb and Uber, we believe in a sharing economy where resources don’t go to waste and that products, as well as services, can match the right customer. Share with Oscar’s philosophy is to share the resources we have, by renting out unused parking spaces to reduce congestion and emissions from drivers circling around for parking. The app lets you find a nearby parking spot so fans can get to the game quicker and simultaneously, you can earn money from renting out your space. Wouldn’t you prefer your streets to be free and open rather than a hurricane of traffic?  

Share with Oscar is there to ease the hurdles to make every moment out and about happen with ease. Be an everyman hero this sporting season by sharing your space with the community. 2 March 2018