15 essential apps for Sydney drivers

The must have apps for every Sydney driver - pronto!

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If you’ve ever driven in Sydney, you know it’s no walk in the park. Traffic, parking, and the state of the road means it takes the concentration of a concert pianist just to get from A to B. Luckily, smartphone apps make driving in Sydney easier, and we have a tonne of recommendations. Some apps on this list might not work for you, but you’re sure to find something to make Sydney driving more bearable. So put your phone in a cradle, fire up the app store, and let’s get started!

Fuel and Maintenance apps:

Let’s start with apps that can save Sydney car owners money. Life in Sydney is expensive enough!

NSW Fuel Check

The Fuel Check app comes from the NSW government, and provides the price of fuel at almost every petrol station in the state in real time. A real money saver!

Fuel Map

If you drive outside of NSW, FuelMap is worth downloading. It compiles data from fuel pricing apps in every state, as well as data from their community of users.


A ‘car management’ app, Drivvo asks you to input your fuel usage, odometer, and service costs. It does some quick maths and gives you your fuel efficiency, cost per km, daily driving average, and more. It also reminds you when your service is due!

Parking apps:

Sydney is a hard city to park in, whether you’re in Paddington or Parramatta! Luckily, there are a few apps that can help.

Share with Oscar

Sydney’s leading parking app, Share with Oscar makes parking simple. Just find an available parking spot on the app, book it for the time you need, and park! It’s far cheaper than street or commercial parking options, and means you never need to worry about parking.


When you do find a park, ParKing will help you find it again. Just park, ping the spot in the app, then ask it for directions back to your car when you’re ready to leave.

Learn to drive apps:

If you have a soon-to-be-Learner driver in your household, these apps will help them get through the gruelling process of learning to drive in NSW.

NSW Driver Test

Before your Learner driver gets their license, have them check out the NSW Driver Test app. Practicing for their Driver Knowledge Test will help them pass first time, as well as know the road rules inside out!

NSW Learner logbook

The RMS endorsed log book apps let you do away with recording your driving in a paper log book. The apps record your drives automatically, making it a much simpler process. The three endorsed apps are L2P, License Ready, and Rountrip.

Maps/GPS apps:

Sydney wasn’t build on a grid like Melbourne or Adelaide, so even locals get lost at times. A good maps app will fix that!

Google Maps

It’s hard to go past the most popular maps app, Google Maps. As well as directions and live traffic, Google Maps offers public transport routes, reviews, and more. As an extra bonus, Sydney is where Google Maps started, and is still a test city for new features!

Apple Maps

If you’re an iPhone user, Apple Maps is already installed on your phone. While it doesn’t have the feature set of Google Maps, it’s simple and sleek. There were some problems with it when it launched, but it’s now a stable and accurate choice.


Now owned by Google, Waze is one of the most popular maps apps that doesn’t come installed on phones by default. It has some community powered features unavailable in the other apps.


An simple alternative is HERE WeGo. The app has good functionality for storing maps offline, so if you don’t like using data while you drive, it’ a good choice.

Safety apps:

Safety should be your top priority on Sydney roads, and these apps will help you become a safer driver.

AutoGuard Dash Cam

If you like the idea of a dash cam but don’t have the budget, AutoGuard Dash Cam turns your phone into one, as long as you have a dock that doesn’t obstruct the camera.

Google Assistant/Siri

While not technically driving apps, Google Assistant and Siri allow you to control your phonewith your voice, and come bundled on Pixel and iPhones (respectively). You can ask for details about the weather, your route, traffic, and more.


MessageLOUD is a great app if you want to hear your messages and emails while driving, but don’t want to break the law. messageLOUD will read them out automatically, and works with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger too.

GPS Speedometer

GPS Speedometer is a good app if you appreciate a big, bold display of your speed, based on GPS data. It lets you set an upper limit, over while it will alert you.

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